Day 21- HTML is to bones as CSS is to skin


I’m am starting to learn about the basics of CSS and how it works together with HTML. I like to think of HTML as the bones, ligaments, and muscles of web design. You know the stuff that you can’t see but is critical to making your body functional. I see CSS as the skin, hair, […]

April 3, 2018

Day 20- Let’s make a list.


Today I was reviewing lists. Below are my notes, I hope that you find some of it useful. <ul> =unordered list, <li> = tag for list item in an unordered list To make a nested or sub -list you would include the sub-list items within the main lists item’s closing tag and also include the […]

March 22, 2018

Day 19- Anchor your link


I have been learning all about links today. Below are my notes. I hope that you enjoy this new format that I have been using. As I am learning taking notes in this way is very helpful for me. I find it increases my retention of content matter and also provides me a valuable resource […]

March 15, 2018

Day 18-Just the Tips, Take two!


As it was a long day of learning…Well, the title says it all! Here are my tips of the day. The Nav element allows you to make sections on that web page that are easily “jumped to” via links. Nav represents a section of a page┬áthat links to other pages or parts within the page. […]

March 13, 2018

Day 17-Challenge Yourself!


So, most online courses, web series, and books will offer you a challenge after a certain amount of material has been covered. It is a good solid way to test your developing skills and reinforce your knowledge. I must admit when I seen my first challenge show up in my video playlist, I feel a […]

March 7, 2018

Day 16- Just the Tips….haha


Yes, slightly funny/slightly corny title for today’s post. I have been dealing with severe food allergies for over a month and today I just feel kinda like a steaming hot pile of poo. So, I try to make myself laugh when I feel bad. Thus, as the title states today’s post just lists some tips. […]

March 6, 2018

Day 15-Inspiration can come from anywhere!


So here lately I have been really inspired by the things around me. I feel like I want to create more. I often express my creativity outwardly in any way that I can. I recently got several sets of earrings that all have similar stones, i.e. blue opal. I did this with the intention that […]

February 28, 2018

Day 14-Thoughts and tips


The more unique websites that I see and the more I get exposed to cool css effects, the more I feel that web design is truly a digital art form. I find myself getting drawn to topics that I don’t fully understand at the moment. I have found that I send myself an email with […]

February 22, 2018

Day 13- Use your resources and do your research!


In my opinion something that often gets overlooked is researching the field that you are looking at getting into before you get into the field. I find that watching day-in-the-life videos or reading articles about the subject gives me some valuable insight. It helps to take some of the guess work out of trying to […]

February 19, 2018