Day 12-Teaching and Learning Styles

Uncategorized / Thursday, February 8th, 2018

I know that this topic is not directly web design related, however I feel that it is beneficial to learning web design. That topic is the idea that it benefits you to know your unique learning style. The theory states that people tend to learn best through either visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learning. You can also be a combination of these things. When you are starting out on your learning journey please keep in mind that different teachers use different methods, thus how you relate to those teaching will differ.

I also find that as you progress in your knowledge, your preferred learning style and even your preferred teacher’s style will differ. When I was just starting out I was a little nervous about taking in all of the new information, during this time I found that video lectures that had a humorous instructor were helpful. Now that I feel more comfortable I want to follow a lecture in which the teacher is more serious and goes into greater detail.
Beyond that, please don’t get discouraged if you get hung up by the way that a certain teacher is explaining a topic. I have had to re-watch a lecture because the way that a teacher explained a concept just did not click with my brain. Often I would seek out the knowledge from a book or another instructor and suddenly it would just click. Always keep in mind that everyone’s brain processes things differently and different references work better for different people. Before you give up on learning a topic always seek out other sources!

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