Day 11-Back On Track!

Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

So, I have to admit that I feel off the wagon a little bit. I got very wrapped up in “the holiday spirit”. After that I decided to go Keto and start running and doing body weight exercises. Sadly, my studies took a back seat to all of that as my body was going through a lot of adjustments all at once. I regret that I let my studies slip, but the past is the past. All I can do is be better going forward.

 I have to address the fact that fear of failure and impostor syndrome were both holding me back to some degree. I know that I am intelligent and can teach myself, however the type of career that I am transitioning from has attending an accredited school as a requirement for a license. So the idea that I can teach myself all that I need to know to succeed, then continue my learning by staying up to date on technology could land me a job took me a little bit to accept. However, the more I research the more I find that a lot of developers feel that most schools are behind in what they are teaching. The idea that I can teach myself and explore what I find interesting is incredibly alluring to me. So I resolved that problem by deciding that I am just going to through myself into learning as much as I can and see where it takes me. The other issue that was holding me back was impostor syndrome. I felt that if I had not gone to school for web design and just wanted to learn it how was I going to be as good in the end as other web designers. I felt like I was trying to fit into foreign territory. I talked to my husband and he said that impostor syndrome is very common in programming in general. He says you have to just “fake it till you make it.” Well, since nobody is going to die if I style something incorrectly, I figured that I can do just that. I changed my thinking as well. I thought about what I can bring to the table that other people can’t. My personal experiences, influences, drive, and knowledge are all my own. I realized that all of those things impact how to interpret the world around me and thus also impact my design choices. I also now have a desktop wallpaper with both a ditto and a mimikyu trying their best to be a pikachu. I figured why not embrace where I am currently in life? It is empowering.
As far as my studying I have finished up some basics and am ready to go more in depth. Below I’ll include some of my notes that may prove useful. I’ll also start blogging each day again as a way to track my progress and record my notes.
I think of nesting and parent/child relationships in code like nesting dolls. All elements of one tag    must be structed in such a way that it “nests” inside the other tag.

CSS styles… Space is for decendant selectors…comma separate for grouping selectors

Pseudo- class start with a :

Specificity. ID (#)>Class(.)>element (e.g. p)

If two selectors are equally specific the last one input wins

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