Day 8 – Learning the Building Blocks of the Web

Uncategorized / Monday, December 11th, 2017

I started my adventure into learning the basics of HTML at Khan Academy. I believe in first impressions and I wanted a non-threatening first exposure to the topic. I like that the instructor varies her vocal tone and shows enthusiasm when she speaks. Bear in mind I’m not learning complex process as of yet, but I am having fun playing around with HTML and learning the basics of what I can accomplish. Starting the learning process in a much more approachable manner has sparked a burning interest in me to know more.

In fact that was my goal all along, to spark interest, drive, and desire to learn in myself. Starting this adventure I was somewhat unsure if the field was going to click with me. I was feeling somewhat like a lost soul desperately searching for something that would ignite a fire of curiosity in me. I feel like I have found it in the form of Web Design. Using coding to create is a new form of art that I had never considered before. I find it very interesting to see code displayed on the code editor and then see what it looks like when it’s complied on the live website.
I know that I’m starting out somewhat meagerly, but I know that I have the ability to rise. My husband shared a linked with me of a snowman that was made entirely with CSS. I felt a spark ignite in me as I thought, “Next Christmas I’ll be able to make something even better than that with the skills I develop.”
So today, I’m finishing Khan academy basics. Tomorrow, I will head over to Lynda to get more hardcore instructions in HTML. Things are looking up.

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