Day 6 – Home pages, category pages, and landing pages….Oh my!

Uncategorized / Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Today I learned somewhat of an overhead view of the user experience. As I was leaning it seemed to me that some of the aspects seemed like common sense elements to consider. I might feel this way due to having experience in nursing, witch is extremely patient centric. If you  want someone to use a medication properly,for example.  You must explain  the dosage and administration times in terms that make sense to the patient. I would have to consider the patient’s literacy level, primary language, and likelihood of compliance. It seems like my past will pay off. It is true that people are more likely to keep doing something if it is not seen as a hinderance to them. It terms of Web Design I believe this will translate to how easily used the site is. I will aim to build sites that are appealing yet simple enough to be navigated quickly. I also want to ensure that the site remains consistent from the homepage to the category pages, and through the landing pages. This will aid in building a site identity, brand feel, and trust from the user. I feel that detail pages and product pages should be informative and clearly formatted. This should further facilitate in building a relationship with the user.

Overall, I find the idea of enhancing user experience to be an opportunity to catch the small details that are often overlooked. Such as making a link more accessible or making a clickable item feel like a comfortable size to use.
Going forward, I will probably think of some specific individuals when designing elements to be more user friendly. Having worked with people that had various difficulties and accessibility restrictions will aid me in making a more fluid user experience for everyone.

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