Day 5 – Getting Focused

Uncategorized / Tuesday, December 5th, 2017
I’m aware that some of my first posts were lacking focus. I’m sorry for that. I was allowing myself to fully explored a new topic and took my reader along for the ride. Going forward I will be more consistent and focused in my topics. I want to learn as much as I can each day, thus I realize that I can accomplish that most readily by following a learning path.

So, now to get to the nitty gritty content. I have been learning about Design Aesthetics for Web Design. I mentally feel more at home learning about the principals and elements of design. Growing up I was always involved in my school’s art club and I was always making crafts. The majority of the topics I’m familiar with, it just a matter of understanding how they apply to Web Design. It seems that in today’s design world everything revolves around the user experience. Learning how design elements and principals can impact how a user interacts with your website is very interesting. It makes me want to create and try out different design ideas and see how different people I know react to the designs.
One concept that was really intriguing to me was parallax scrolling. It reminds me of a phase I went through in high school where I mainly drew landscapes. All of the detailed layers coming together to form a cohesive image is something that is really beautiful to me. Once I get the basics down I will be really excited to explore and experiment with animation effects.
The broader topic of typography is something I think I loved before I knew what it was. Thinking back to when I got my first computer, I would use paint and clipart frequently. One of my favorite things to do was to create cover art for my school binders. I would use my name and the school subject as my topic and play around with fonts to make an image I was happy with. When I hear designers talk about drops shadows and highlights, it brings my mind back to those early experiments in graphic design, dispite the fact that I was just doing it for fun. It makes me think that Web Design should have been the path that I went down from the beginning. There are so many elements of Web Design that I just played around with as a kid making art. I feel my heart sing in a way when I think that I’ll be able to reconnect with a part of my creative mind that I had lost touch with as I aged and interests changed. I guess more so, as a kid I never really understood where skills like that could be put to use. Now as an adult I wish that I had done more through out my life thus far to hone my artistic skills. Unfortunately, I did listen to neigh sayers in regard to art being a profitable carrer path. I wish that I didn’t. But hey, I believe that everything happens for a reason. I do truly believe that my past experiences make me unique and thus I can bring aspects to Web Design that will set me apart. Also, the feeling that I have to make up for lost time does something in the way of setting a fire under my ass.
All of my reflection left me with a feeling of wanting to move forward and expand my knowledge. Furthermore, this week is computer science education week so it seems a fitting time to ramp up my learning. I looked a a few sites that have projects to support an hour of code. I think it is a really awesome initiative. Most of the projects are aimed at getting children to start coding, so I’ll be putting my hour if code towards higher Academia.
It’s exciting to think about what I’ll learn tomorrow. I really feel that my view of the world is starting to expand the more I learn about the field of Web Design. I notice that I pick up on color elements, texture, and position when I look at everyday objects. Even more so when I view webpages. Hopefully, I’ll continue to evolve my eye for design as I progress through learning the basics and delve into advanced topics.

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