Day 4 – Jack Skellington Syndrome

Uncategorized / Thursday, November 30th, 2017

So the title of today’s blog post might sound a bit odd. But let me explain. If you have ever seen Tim Burton’s masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you are familiar with the song “What’s this?” Jack starts sings as he enters Christmas town and starts to discover all of the wonderous elements that comprise it. Much like poor Jack, I am stepping foot into a world that is new to me. Thus, everywhere I venture on the internet I find myself going down the path of  “What’s This?” I learn many things as I venture down these paths, but they are not linear or progressive in regard to learning. I think that it is natural to have this happen and it gives me inspiration seeing the possibilities that are out there. However, to properly learn Web Design I need to stick to a structured plan with projects and skill checks along the way. So I have mapped a path of courses to follow and go from there. That way I’ll be able to track my progress and write about the problems that I solve as I’m learning. It will be better for me and for you dear reader.

On a side note, I wanted to mention how important it is to allow your brain time to process when learning. Each person learns at a different pace and requires a different amount of time to take it all in. For instance, I have a tendency to fully immerse myself in a topic, to the point that it is pretty much all I think about. Then I step back suddenly and go wait…I have been neglecting all of theese other things. So remember that it’s important to find balance in everything you do. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to let yourself get excited about a new topic. However, studying all day for several days in a row leads to burnout. I find that the best way to remedy this for myself is to do things that inspire me. I love to go hiking. Nature is just raw beauty. You can draw creative inspiration from something as simple as how a tree’s branches fanned out as it grew. I also love live music, sculpting, gaming, reading, and baking. I enjoy many more things out of life, but those are a few that tend to not only reinvigorate me, but spark my creative mind. Web Design is a very creative feild after all, so it is important to keep your mind fresh. Remember to take care of yourself, dear reader. While we all want to take in as much knowledge as possible to advance, keep in mind that sometimes a spark of genius can come from an unexpected place.

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