Day 3 – The Vernacular of Web Design

Uncategorized / Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

So something was happening that I didn’t even realize until I was talking with my husband. As I learn I have a tendency to look up terms that I am not familiar with or ideas that seems interesting that I would like to know more about. This lead to me reading for hours about various topics and components of Web Design. As it is when you are learning any topic sometimes you unwittingly pick up on things. Apparently I have been developing my usage of Web Design vernacular. Terms ranging from responsive web design and progressive enhancement to usability. I also realized something about myself. I like to see what it’s like within a career community before fully committing. Maybe I have career commitment issues due to nursing school being a lie as to what real world nursing was like. I have to say that I love how accessible everything is. At the moment it feels as if the community really does aid each other in growing and creating better ways of producing their craft.I hope that concept holds true as I advance in the field. I would love to be able to contribute something meaningful to the community one day. Currently, I feel overwhelmed with possible directions that I can take to further my knowledge. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I want to ensure that I learn things in the right steps and the correct way. I have been always interested in design concepts and have been a life-long crafter. So, the visual aspects of design appeal to me right off the bat. However, I want to be well-rounded as a Web Designer. Due to my uncertainty in direction,  I’ll be planning out my goals for tomorrow after some more reflection.

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